Capital is located at 3c River Valley Rd, Singapore, 179022

Nights Open

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM

How do I make a table reservation at Capital Nightclub?

You can reserve bottle service at Capital Nightclub in Singapore on the Capital Event Calendar or on the the free Discotech App. All you have to do is choose a day you want to go, pick a table, and submit a booking request. It’s really that simple!

How much does Capital bottle service cost in Singapore?

Bottle service/table service prices are going to change depending on what day you choose to go. Thursdays are going to be cheaper on average than Fridays and Saturdays, but in general, bottle service is going to cost between $500SGD ($371USD) and $3,500SGD ($2,600 USD).

Capital table cost by section:

Table Location Table Minimum
Island Four Top Table

  • 10 Guest Max
$500SGD ($371USD) – $1,000SGD ($743USD)
Island Sofa Table

  • 15 Guest Max
$1,000SGD ($743USD) – $2,000SGD ($1,486USD)
Back Dance Floor Table

  • 15 Guest Max
$1,500SGD ($1,115USD) – $2,000SGD ($1,486USD)
Stage Table

  • 15 Guest Max
$1,500SGD ($1,115USD) – $2,500SGD ($1,858USD)
Center Dance Floor Table

  • 15 Guest Max
$2,000SGD ($1,115USD) – $3,500SGD ($2,600USD)

($SGD to $USD conversions are valid as of March, 2023. Please check the current table pricing on the upcoming Capital event calendar)

What do I get with my Capital bottle service reservation?

Experience the ultimate VIP treatment with your own private table with a selection of your favorite alcoholic beverages. The cover charge is included, and a personal waitress will be at your service to mix drinks, take orders, and pour shots. Complimentary mixers are included, and your minimum spend can be used to purchase additional drinks, energy drinks, and bottles. Enjoy the ultimate night out in style!

What is the cheapest table at Capital Nightclub in Singapore?

The price of the cheapest table at Capital is going to change on different days. On Thursdays, the cheapest table service option is the Island Four Top Table for $500SGD ($371USD) which has room for up to 10 guests. On Fridays and Saturdays, the cheapest table at Capital is still going to be the Island Four Top Table, but the price will be raised to $1,000SGD ($743USD).

How does bottle service at Capital Nightclub work?

Our top choice for a luxurious night out at a Singaporean club is through Bottle service, provided you have the funds for it. This exclusive package entitles you to reserve a private VIP table at one of the most prestigious clubs in Singapore, where you’ll be granted VIP membership status for the night. By getting bottle service at Capital, you commit to a minimum spending amount at the beginning of the night, and you are required to fulfill that amount by the end of the evening, or the remaining balance will still be charged. As long as you spend the budget on beverages, the table is essentially free. You can use the Discotech App to find more information on bottle service prices, upcoming events, and more.

Capital Floor Plan

Bottle menu will be available soon.

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