Providence is located at 1351 Polk St in San Francisco, CA

Nights Open

10:00 PM to 2:00 AM every Friday & Saturday

Does Providence sell tickets?

Unfortunately, Providences does not pre-sale tickets to any of their events.

What should I do if no tickets are available?

To get into Providence nightclub, you will need to either reserve a table with bottle service or sign up for the free guest list here.

Should I join the guest list or get bottle service?

That is going to depend on both your budget and what you’re looking to get out of the night. Bottle service is going to be the more expensive option, but it will allow you to reserve a VIP table in the club. That way you will have dedicated “real estate” in the venue, and you will be treated as a VIP client. It’s an extremely fun way to spend the night, and it will give you space to either bring your friends along or make new ones to bring back to your table. On the other hand, being on the guest list will allow you to get into the club for free, and you will be able to get a complimentary drink as well. It’s a budget friendly way to get in the door, but you will not have the same VIP status.

Upcoming Events at Providence: