Sutra is located in Costa Mesa at 1870 Harbor Blvd

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM Thurs, Fri, and Sat

Sutra Nightclub is now CLOSED. Time Nightclub is now open in the same complex.

Does Sutra in Orange County have a guestlist?

We do have a free guestlist for Sutra on most nights. If you’re trying to get in on the guestlist we would recommend going as early as possible. The guestlist officially closes at 10 or 10:30 depending on the night, but we’d recommend getting there at 9:30 or earlier. When you get to the venue make sure you tell them you are on Discotech’s guestlist.

How much is cover charge at the door for Sutra?

General admission starts at $20 on regular nights. On nights with bigger talent expect to pay more.

How do I get on the guestlist for Sutra?

Download the Discotech App and sign up for the guestlist yourself with a few taps on your phone!

Contact Us About Guestlist at Sutra