Why Should I Use Discotech Instead of a Traditional Promoter?

Trying to get on the guest list for the hottest club in your area? Want to book VIP service, but not sure what the prices are? Looking to hit the town on a crazy night out, but just not sure where to start? Here at Discotech, we’ve got you covered on all of these points and more, with none of the pesky downsides of having to go through a club promoter first. With Discotech, the process is quick, painless and risk-free; you’ll never want to look back. With that, here are some reasons why you should start using our platform today. 

1. Our app has and range brought to you by our hard-working team.

Discotech works with over 1,300 nightlife venues across 60+ cities; human promoters only work with a handful of venues, usually within a single city. Our app also brings you updates on all the different events and artists that are playing in your city, all in one place. You’ll never have to worry about not being covered by us; we work with all of the biggest and brightest names in the business to ensure that you can have the time of your life, no matter where it is you’re going. 

2. We provide a multitude of services, not just one.

Use our app to get easy access to VIP table reservations, ticket bookings, and free guest lists as well as easily track and manage all of your upcoming tickets and reservations all in one place. What’s more, using Discotech you can also see the venue’s bottle menu and floor plan as well as hear music samples of what the DJ is going to be spinning that night. 

3. Our platform makes plans more fun and easy to share than ever before.

In the Discotech app, it’s easy to share your plans with friends, as well as see where they’re going – you could never do this with a promoter!

4. We’ll always be transparent and up-front about costs. 

With Discotech you’ll never be over-charged on tables, as our platform is 100% transparent and up-front with customers. What’s more, we offer exclusive discounts and promotions on tickets as well as free guest-lists that many small promoters won’t be able to give you access to. 

5. Get the customer service and response times you deserve – all in one place.

You’ll never have to worry about having to reach us with any last-minute hiccups – using our app is easier than having to call, text or email promoters and wait for their response. In our app you’ll get real-time responses and around the clock customer service that you won’t find with human promoters.

At Discotech, we’re industry leaders for a reason. We provide the services, transparency and help that you deserve so you can have that epic night out you’ve been waiting for. It’s the reason why we have 4.9/5 stars on both iOS and Android app stores, with over 1M installs. Be sure to download our free mobile app today!