Top Hip-Hop Moves to Bust Out at Clubs when Nightlife is Back

Top Hip-Hop Moves to Bust Out at Clubs when Nightlife is Back

With quarantine, everyone has been stuck at home and may be feeling a bit socially awkward now that places are slowly opening up again. So, you might be wondering, “What are the best Hip-Hop dance moves for the club these days?” Well, stop watching those long YouTube videos, I got you! Don’t worry, you won’t look stiff, you just need a quick refresher on some moves to shake that booty once everything is open again. Look, you have been in your pajamas for too long so let’s get out of bed and practice for those lively nightclubs. Here are ten moves you need to add to your repertoire to impress everyone on the dance floor, guaranteed. 

1. The “Running Man”

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First up, we have the well-known African dance, The Running Man. It is pretty simple; all you have to do is bring those legs up and down with a couple of sliding steps. Once one foot comes down, the other leg has to slide back. Start with the legs, get the groove going then add some arm movements. If you want, you can even bend your leg up and outwards with some chicken arm motion. Let loose, try to arch your back with some chest movement. 

2. The “Shuffle”

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I know, your thighs and calves have been out of service for a while now so let’s give those legs a work out. Fast movement, step forward, step backward with a couple crisscross and you got it. It might take a little time to get the hang of it but remember to slide your feet. Slide and bend your knees and you are all set. Those hands better not be hanging around doing nothing, move them up and down to make the move smoother and sexier. 

3. Bounce and slide

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Can’t dance much? Bounce that body. You can start slowly then go crazy! Make sure to add some hands movement and side-to-side steps and BOOM no one can know you can’t dance. You can clap, snap or do anything with your hands to add some extra flavor to the move. 

Remember, go bigger or go home! Take a bigger bounce, add some arm swings and tilt your body sideways. It’s Hip-Hop, add your own special touch to each move.

4. The “Dougie”

Will somebody teach Maryland coach Randy Edsall how to Dougie? | For The Win

Look, I know you might think the “Dougie” is so 2010 and no one does that anymore. But listen to me, if you make it look like Beyonce then no one can stop you. Drive that wheel with your hands with a slight flick of the wrist and there you have it. You can go slow or fast, it’s up to you. Just make sure to move those legs too. Get your knees to bend inward and outward while moving sideways. Feel the music, and remember to move your head too.

5. Body wave

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The music is going to be loud and it will surround you like a wave of happiness. Let your body dance with the wave. Move your head, chest, then let your bottom follow and reverse. You can do the body wave with little leg movement but if you want to go all out, then take some big steps with your feet. Just remember that stiff back is not the move! With some sexy arm motion along your body, you will be set for some free drinks.

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If you can’t do the body wave, then the arm wave is your next best bet. Make sure to move those shoulders. Have your arms out and follow an ocean wave. As the left side arm moves up then down, the other arm follows up then down. And repeat in an infinite loop until you are tired. A little body movement will make this move go smoother. 

6. The Uncontrollable booty

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Shake that booty that your mama gave you! If you can twerk then go for it. Make sure to arch your back and loosen up. Nothing looks worse than a stiff back. Moving your booty left and right with some bold arm movements will get anyone’s attention. I know you have tried it in front of your bedroom mirror, so bring those moves to the club! Don’t be shy. 

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If bold booty movement is too much for you, try some slight circular motions. Or up and down. But remember to bend your knees and maybe alternate steps between each leg. And don’t forget to leave your straightened-up office back at home, only use your loose and arched back. 

7. WAP

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You have done it for TikTok so might as well do it live action. Be bold and embrace your night out with friends. You know WAP will be playing at every club at least once a night, so take that chance to show your hot moves. If you don’t want to go on the floor, you can still do some WAP moves standing up. Maybe take a drink or two and you won’t need convincing. 

8. Single Ladies 

Liam Payne Boldly Admits He Can Do Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' Dance - MTV

Have you been in quarantine for way too long and tired of being single? Well make sure to dance to Beyonce. Some hip sideway movements and ring pointing, and you are all set. Raise that hand for all the single ladies and let all these potential others know that you are ready to mingle. 

9. “Stanky Leg”

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Let those legs loose, step on one side and the let the other leg move like a spaghetti. Move your back too, I don’t want you looking like a half-cooked spaghetti. So, move that body. That includes your shoulder, some circular motion can make all the change possible. The arms can let loose with slight motions but do not distract people from seeing your impressive leg moves. 

10. Steal the Spotlight, Break Dance

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Don’t be afraid to steal the dance floor. If you got some crazy dance moves, show them to the world. Shine. Can you fall on the floor and get back up in an impressive, smooth way? Well, then you can show these moves at the club! 

There you have it folks, now you are ready for the clubs to open back again. Remember, let your body loose and move with the music. Make every part of your body swore for the next day.