What is a Club Crawl?

A club crawl is an event where you get together with a bunch of people looking to party on a Friday or Saturday night in New York City and go club hopping. Over the course of the night, your guide will bring the entire group to 4 clubs in New York City. The Epic Club Crawl company has worked in the industry for many years hosting club crawls in all the major cities in the US.. Getting a Club Crawl ticket takes all the hassle out of going out in Manhattan – choosing where to go, waiting in line, setting up the pregame, etc. Included in a club crawl ticket purchase: limo transportation to all the venues, expedited admission to up to 4 nightclubs, and a host to guide and party with you.  Buy your tickets here!

Why should I go on a New York Crawl?

It’s a cheap way to go out – your cover charges are all included. Cover charge at one of these clubs is typically anywhere from $20-40 – you get to go to up to 4 of them! You can also meet a group of fun, likeminded people who are looking to party. One of the obvious benefits of going on a club crawl is that you get to see multiple hotspots in one night – perfect if you are from out of town or have out-of-town visitors, or even if you’re just the indecisive type.

Why should I choose the New York Epic Club Crawl?

Best Ratings: Epic Club Crawls has been around for over 7 years, and we’ve established a tried and true system to ensure your night goes smoothly. Epic Club Crawl is the most highly rated club crawl company on Tripadvisor out of all the New York Club Crawls!

Biggest Groups: Epic Club Crawl began as a way for international tourists to have a fun (and cost efficient!) night out in New York. Steadily, the groups grew and expanded to locals, and out-of-towners visiting friends or family for the weekend. Now, we have big groups of party people every Friday and Saturday night!

Fun and Friendly Hosts: Our hosts are always down to party! We want our club crawlers to have the best experience when they come out and it shows in how much they engage with our groups.

Do I get free or discounted drinks?

The New York club crawl features drink specials at most venues. You can see the details for each event and purchase tickets here.

What are the advantages of going on the New York City Club Crawl over going to a regular club?

There are several benefits to going on a club crawl:

  • You get to meet a bunch of people who are looking to party and have fun.
  • You get access to up to 4 different clubs throughout the night.
  • You get transportation included to the venues.
  • You get a host to guide you, help you skip the lines, and make sure everyone is taken care of – your night will be completely stress free – just show up and party!

Which New York clubs are inclued in this Club Crawl?

The clubs on each night varies, but the NYC clubs included in the crawl include:

What kind of music do the clubs on the Club Crawl play?

The music at most of the venues are a mix of hip hop, electronic, and top 40 – it really depends on the venue and the DJ.

Can I schedule a private club crawl for birthdays or bachelor / bachelorette parties?

Yes if you have a large enough group we can arrange for a private club crawl for your entire group. Contact us at reservations@discotech.me and we’ll set something up!

How much does a New York Club Crawl ticket cost?

Tickets cost $49 for one, $85 for two, and 160 for groups of 4. The number of guests in a group is limited, so we recommend reserving your tickets in advance.

Is there a discount or promo code for the NYC Epic Club Crawl?

Use promo code DISCO to get $2 off your ticket. You can browse any upcoming events here. Add the promo code to see discount applied.

Can I stay at one of the clubs?

Yes, if you meet someone or really enjoy the vibe at any of the clubs on the crawl you can choose to stay and not continue with the group.

Which days can I go on the NYC Club Crawl?

The NYC Epic Club Crawl happens every Friday and Saturday.

Will there be club crawls on holidays?

It really depends on the holiday. Holidays in Vegas are usually super busy and clubs are all typically packed. Check holiday availability here!

What time do I have to check in for the NY Club Crawl?

Check in is at 8 PM. Venue depends on the week – the schedule for each week’s crawl is usually released on Wednesday.

Our hosts will take care of everything for a legendary night out. We take you to the best night clubs in NYC and walk you in with no lines and no cover charges. Your only responsibility is to have a great time. With an average group size of 50 to 100+ guests, it is easy to meet and make new friends that we hope you keep long after the last call. Whether you are a visiting tourist, an experienced local, coming as a big group or by yourself, everyone is welcome and we promise a fun, hassle free VIP evening with our groups and hosts!

If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at reservations@discotech.me or text us at 415-735-6716

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