Dirty Little Secret is located at 210 Printers Aly in Nashville

Nights Open

8:00 PM to 2:00 AM on Thu – Sat

Does Dirty Little Secret have a free guestlist?

We have a guestlist for Dirty Little Secret with free admission before 10:30. Mention Discotech at the door if you are signed up on the guestlist in order to get into Dirty Little Secret.

How much is cover charge at the door for Dirty Little Secret?

General admission ranges from $15-30 or more, depending on the artist/DJ, whether it’s a holiday, and the time of night.

How do I get on the guestlist for Dirty Little Secret?

Download the Discotech App and sign up for the guestlist yourself with a few taps on your phone! Or, sign up for the guestlist on our webapp.

Looking for a promoter for Dirty Little Secret?

Use our app to get yourself on the guestlist!