Ultra is located in Miami, FL at 301 Biscayne Blvd


Mar 29, 30, 31

Ultra Miami Ticketing FAQ

Ultra Miami, while popular, does not sell out instantaneously like other large music festivals so you don’t need to be on their website with four different devices trying to buy tickets. The festival will likely sell out but that typically won’t happen until January or February typically. This can obviously vary year to year.

Ultra Miami shows the status of tickets on their website and what percentage of tickets have sold, which is nice if you are debating if you need to buy tickets now. If you are 100% planning to go to Ultra Miami I highly suggest just booking everything early, including getting early bird tickets – which are $25 cheaper. You can also take advantage of the payment plan if you buy early.

You can buy tickets to Ultra Miami here.

When do Ultra early-bird tickets go on sale?

Early bird tickets first go on sale usually in May – roughly 10 months prior to the event. To purchase these tickets you must register an account with Ultra Miami. The benefit of purchasing tickets at this time is that this will be the lowest official price for the tickets. Here’s how the Ultra presale works:

  • Ultra will announce their early bird sale – during this announcement they will state the date of the sale
  • There will be a date you must register for the presale by – If you don’t register by this date you are not going to be able to participate in Ultra’s presale.
  • On the day of the presale, assuming you have registered your account with Ultra, you can go on and purchase presale passes.
  • Once you log in it is like purchasing tickets to any other concert.
  • Please note that these will go pretty quickly, especially the Tier 1 priced tickets, so be sure to be punctual. Generally Ultra makes Tier 1 and Tier 2 passes available during the presale, and the later tiers will go on sale later in the year. The first two tiers almost always sell out during the presale.

What is the maximum number of Ultra Miami tickets I can buy?

GA tier 1 & VIP tickets are limited to 2 tickets per order. Registration is required to buy the earlybird tickets.

How much is a regular Ultra Miami ticket?

There are different tiers of Ultra Miami tickets depending on when you buy your passes. The early bird tickets are $299.95 plus fees. Once those sell out the tickets go up to $324.95 plus fees for tier 2 tickets. Again, once these tickets sell out they go up to the final tier which will cost you $349.95 plus fees. The early bird tickets will usually sell out much faster than the other two tiers. Pre-registration is required to purchase the early-bird tickets.

How much is a VIP Ultra Miami ticket? 

VIP Ultra Miami Tickets start at $1249.95 not including fees.

What comes with a VIP ticket? Is the VIP ticket worth it?

The VIP ticket is only available for 21+ guests and comes with: the following benefits:

  • Fully Stocked Clean A/C Controlled Bathrooms​ with Mirror
  • Almost no wait to fill hydration pack, get food, or drinks in the VIP area
  • Elevated Viewing Area at all stages (Room to dance and more mature crowd)
  • Fast lane to enter the Festival
  • Meet and Greet Area

As to whether the VIP ticket is worth it – it depends if you have money to spare. For most people it’s probably not worth it to pay 4-5x the cost of a regular ticket. But if you really dislike waiting in line, or strongly prefer clean bathrooms, you may want to consider the Ultra VIP ticket.

Are one day Ultra Miami passes available?

Only 3 day passes are available. You can typically find people willing to sell wristbands for one day though, especially Sunday. Technically this is against the rules, but as long as the wristband has not been scanned for that day it works without any issues – they don’t match the wristband up with your ID. You can find people willing to sell one day of their wristband on craigslist, reddit, and facebook. However this is not officially sanctioned and there are many scammers out there, so do this at your own risk.

Can I buy VIP tickets if I’m under 21?

You must be 21 or older to enter the venue with a VIP wristband. 

I ordered my tickets to be shipped to me. When will I receive them?

Tickets will begin shipping roughly 2 weeks before the festival date. This is usually around the beginning of March.

I live outside of the US. Will you ship my tickets, or will I pick them up at Will Call?

Tickets are shipped to addresses in the US.  All others will be held at Will Call. If you’re picking up tickets at Will Call, you must bring an ID that matches the ticket purchaser.

Where can I resell my Ultra Miami ticket?

You can always use Stubhub, Craigslist, Facebook, or Reddit. However, be wary of scams – we highly recommend getting cash if you’re not using Stubhub.

Are Ultra Miami tickets sold out? 

Ultra Miami tickets typically sell out as the event date nears. We recommend favoriting Ultra Miami on Discotech to be alerted when tickets go on sale!