34 NE 11th St, Downtown Miami

Nights Open

Sat 11 PM through Sun 3-4 PM, sometimes Fri

Does Space sell tickets?

Yes! Tickets are a great option to secure your spot at Space, and they will be available for most events. To view a list of days and ticket options, you can go to the Space event calendar or use our free mobile app.

Where can I buy tickets to Space?

You can purchase tickets to Space here, or you can purchase tickets on the free Discotech app.

How much do tickets cost at Space?

On average, ticket prices will range between $15 and $80. This is subject to change, and prices may be higher on special events or holidays. Cover at the door usually starts at a higher price so if you definitely want to attend we would recommend buying tickets.

What should I do if tickets aren’t available at Club Space?

If no tickets are available for Club Space, don’t freak out. You have two options: you can either show up and hope to get in through general admission, or you can reserve bottle service to secure a seat and set yourself up for a good night.

Space promo code

We do not currently have a discount code for Space.

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