There are basically two types of places to dance in Los Cabos: hip late-night clubs that feature high-energy dance music from a mix of local and international DJs, and live music venues showcasing old-fashioned, good-time rock n’ roll. Aficionados of the latter should definitely visit boogie down favorite Cabo Wabo Cantina, which was founded by Sammy Hagar and his then Van Halen bandmates back in 1990.

More sophisticated sorts–or at least those that eschew denim, guitar solos and Jack Daniels shots–may prefer to hit the dance floor at OMNIA Los Cabos, the trendy new dayclub / pool party headlining the entertainment district in Grand Mayan at Vidanta Los Cabos. ME Cabo on Médano Beach is also highly recommended; the chic Deco-style resort boasts a lively poolside scene at Blue Marlin Ibiza, with seas of bikini-clad revelers enjoying all-day (and most of the night) dance music and swim-up cocktails.

Mandala and Pink Kitty are among the most popular clubs in Cabo San Lucas’ downtown nightlife district, thanks to driving dance beats and plenty of high-end bottle service. High-profile international guest DJs and special theme nights are frequent features at both of these clubs, while resident DJ talent typically pulls in the late-night crowds at nearby El Squid Roe.

Omnia Los Cabos

What kind of club closes at 8 PM? The newly opened OMNIA Dayclub at Vidanta is not only the strangest new club concept in Los Cabos, it may also be the hippest. Three of the world’s top DJs – Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris and Zedd – inaugurated the new poolside party palace in April 2018, and the beats have been going on ever since. The new “daylife” scene at Grand Mayan on San Jose del Cabo’s Playa Hotelera is courtesy of Grupo Vidanta and the Hakkasan Group, lifestyle brands that have partnered to add four club and lounge concepts to the resort, including the Day of the Dead themed Casa Calavera and the casual outdoor cocktail mecca SHOREbar. OMNIA is the unquestioned star, however, a beachfront club boasting private cabanas and plunge pools, plus two-story VIP bungalows. The dance scene at OMNIA warms up during the afternoons, when the latest celebrity DJ takes over. Dayparty from noon to 6, grab some dinner and a quick disco nap, and go for round two at one of the nightclubs below!

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The Cabo San Lucas version of Mandala (their original location is in Cancún) offers a more traditionally club-like atmosphere than next door neighbor El Squid Roe, with great dance music from a rotating cast of international DJs, colorful lighting, upscale décor, and a full slate of VIP amenities. Along with Pink Kitty and El Squid Roe, this is the top nightclub in the traditional downtown nightlife district, and one of the better spots for after midnight, bottle service related revelry. The dance floor is huge, with celebrity DJs imported for special occasions. Mandala throws the region’s best Halloween party, crushes New Year’s Eve, and is among the top local late-night hangouts for visiting celebrities.

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El Squid Roe

Established in 1989, El Squid Roe is the largest venue in town. Made up of three floors with five full bars, a clothing store, a full kitchen, private VIP areas, & more. The atmosphere is similar to a house party; with an MC to guide the crowd through the night and an environment that allows guests to feel free enough to dance on top of tables. El Squid Roe has attracted the likes of Beyonce, U2, Floyd Mayweather, Tupac, Emmitt Smith, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Rihanna, Jamie Foxx, Oscar De La Hoya, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Romo, 50 Cent, and many other celebrities. As locals and tourists alike would agree, this venue has been a landmark in Los Cabos for many years.

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Blue Marlin Ibiza

Located in a stunning oceanfront pool oasis smack in front of the Pacific Ocean, Blue Marlin Ibiza operates one of its most successful franchises with weekly theme events like a Sunday Pool Party and occasional fashion-theme extravaganza.The club is an international sensation that takes the conventional beach club and creates an all-day lounge party complete with catchy electronic CD and sculpted-tan staff. The look of Blue Marlin Ibiza is duplicated throughout the world, a signature all-white theme of daybeds and loungers arranged amongst crafty tables and platforms where people get up and dance away the afternoon in boozy bliss.

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La Vaquita

La Vaquita (the little cow) is a fun, energetic and incredibly unique nightclub with great music, white walls and black spots everywhere and a huge cow hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier. La Vaquita is the only place in town where beer and alcohol is sold and served per Liter (almost 34 ounces). You can get a Liter of beer for only 9 bucks or a Liter of any of their domestic drinks for only 10 bucks. La Vaquita is the place to go to if you’re in the “mooooo”d to party.

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Pink Kitty

Metropolitan nightclub style, with its modern Baroque Boudoir, Pink Kitty is preparing an environment for nightlife in Cabo San Lucas. From blown glass lamps, Italian-style leather moray eel skin seats, amazing female staff, VIP area, Pink Kitty comes with a unique life concept in Los Cabos. The Pink Kitty is well known for special theme events including the “Valentine’s Day Love and Lust Lingerie Ball”, the “Pimp & Ho Charity Costume Ball”, and others.

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Cabo Wabo Cantina

Cabo Wabo has come a long way in 28 years…in regards its surroundings and its business, which has spun off a tequila brand and several U.S. locations. Originally opened in 1990 by Sammy Hagar and his then Van Halen bandmates – who can forget the eponymous song, off the OU812 album? – Cabo Wabo has since become a mandatory stop for just about everyone who visits Cabo San Lucas, even those who only come ashore for a few hours. Live music and “waboritas”, the house version of the margarita, are the premier attractions, but snacks are also available from the cantina (shrimp and ceviche platters) and the patio grill (burgers, wings and chicken fingers). The best time to visit is during October, when Hagar hosts his annual birthday bashes with plenty of big-name guests.

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Crush Nightspot

Since opening in February 2016, Crush Nightspot has quickly grown to be a favorite party spot both for visitors and locals alike.  Hip-hop is the name of the game here on any and every night of the week, and the DJs compliment the latest tunes blasting on American urban radio stations with a cutting-edge sound system that reverberates bass up and down Lazaro Cardenas late into the night. The state-of-the art lighting and luxurious decor is punctuated by a two-story retro cartoon mural dripping in fluorescent hues that interacts with the blaring music.  You’re not just hanging out at a bar, and you’re not just dancing at a nightclub… you’re partying your face off at a modern nightspot, in search of your next drink, your next vacation story, and (hopefully) your next crush.


Billed as “the official gay bar of Los Cabos,” Chandeliers has been the center of Cabo San Lucas’ LGBT scene since its opening several years ago, drawing lively crowds with theme nights, strip and drag shows (Boys n’ Heels are a local favorite), beer and cocktail specials, and pumping music courtesy of house DJ Adal Jr. The club is located above Brazilian steakhouse Madeira, about a block from Cabo Wabo Cantina. Days and hours have expanded over the years as its popularity has grown, and Chandelier’s is now open four nights per week (Thursday – Sunday), from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

O Club

The “O” in O Club is short for Ocean, which explains the nautical theme of this ultra-modern lounge that is one of the newest venues to arrive on Cabo’s nightlife scene.    The walls of this cozy hotspot are tastefully adorned with multi-hued marine elements that are meant to embody the fluidity of both the surrounding Sea of Cortez and the rollicking tourist crowd waves that roll into and out of Cabo from week to week.    The focus of O Club is in its top-notch quality of service aimed at emulating Vegas and LA clubs; most of the real estate here is dedicated to VIP tables, and the dance floor – while pulsating with state-of-the-art lights and sounds – is lacking in size compared to those of its neighboring venues.  As a result, things can get hot and sweaty especially on high-traffic weekends, and you’ll be yearning for the cool ocean breeze to float through as you dance the night away.

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