Kadie’s is located at 9 Swallow Street Mayfair, London W1B 4DF

Nights Open

10:00 PM – 3:00 AM every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Does Kadie’s presale tickets?

Unfortunately, Kadie’s does not presale tickets to most events.

Check Kadie’s event calendar or the free Discotech app to see if tickets are available for upcoming nights.

Where can I purchase tickets

On special events and holidays, ticket may be for sale. You can check if tickets are available and purchase them here.

What should I do if no tickets are available?

If there are no tickets for sale, there is still a great way to get into Kadie’s. We highly recommend going with bottle service to reserve a table for you and your guests. It is a great way to secure admission and a table, and it is the only way to get the full VIP treatment. To purchase bottle service please click here.

When is Kadie’s open?

Kadie’s is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM.

Dress code?

A more fashion forward look is encouraged, but a dress code is not enforced.

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