Embassy is located at 3355 Procyon St, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Nights Open

10:30 PM – 4:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays

How do I get bottle service at Embassy?

We made reserving a table a simple as possible. All you have to do is either give us a call at 415-735-6716, you can book a table online, or you can reserve a table using our free mobile app.

How does bottle service at Embassy work?

Bottle service, sometimes called table service, means that you are committing to a minimum spend in exchange for a lot of great perks. When you get bottle service, you get to skip the line and your entry fee is waived; however, the main reason that you should get bottle service is that it allows you to reserve a private table and secure one or more bottles of alcohol for you and your guests.

How much is table service at Embassy?

 Bottle service minimums at Embassy range anywhere from $300 to $1,200 depending on the night and what table you choose. You can find specific prices and table options on the Ebassy event calendar or on our free mobile app.

What is included with my Embassy bottle service reservation?

  • Cover charge included
  • Guaranteed entry
  • A private table
  • 1 or more bottles
  • VIP service
  • Free mixers (cranberry juice, cola, ect.)
  • Private waitress to mix drinks and take orders

What is the cheapest table available at Embassy?

The cheapest table option at Embassy is going to be the upstairs table. This table comes with a $300 minimum spend and has room for up to 6 guests ($50 per person). Just because this is the cheapest option does not mean you miss out on any of the luxuries, so don’t let the price fool you. This table comes with amazing views, fantastic service, and everything you could ever dream of to make your night special. You can reserve the upstairs table here.

Embassy bottle service deals

Embassy does not offer any bottler service deals at this time.

What is the best table at Embassy?

The most exclusive and extravagant table that Embassy provide is going to be the large dance floor table. This brilliant option is fit for a king and comes with a $1,200 minimum spend and has room for up to 15 people. Centered right in the middle of the action, this table is a masterclass in VIP service. You can reserve the large dance floor table here.

Embassy VIP host / promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Embassy? We can help. Book your table at Embassy here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

What is Discotech?

Discotech is the only promoter you’ll ever need! We have a free mobile app with over 8,000 five star reviews, and you can use the Discotech App to track artists, sign up for free guest lists, purchase discounted tickets, and reserve VIP tables.

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