Daylight is located at the Mandalay Bay at 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd

Days Open

Starting at 10:00 PM from Friday to Saturday

Does Daylight at Night sell tickets?

Yes! Daylight at Night presales tickets to almost every event.

Where can I purchase tickets for Daylight at Night

To view events and ticket prices at Daylight at Night, you can go through the free Discotech app or purchase tickets to Daylight online.

How much do tickets cost at Daylight at Night?

For most events, tickets are going to run about $20 for girls and $30 for guys. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change from one event to the next, and tickets to top DJs are going to be more expensive.

Are tickets the best way to get into Daylight at Night?

Tickets are a great way to guarantee entry into an event; however, if you wanted to avoid paying the cost of a ticket, you could join the free Daylight at Night guestlist to get access to free admission.

Daylight at Night Beach Club Promo Code

Use discount code DISCO to save $2 on each ticket purchase at Daylight at Night. You can purchase tickets on the free Discotech app.

What is Discotech?

If you’re not using the free Discotech app to track artists, sign up for free guest lists, purchase discounted tickets, and reserve VIP tables, then you’re missing out! Check out this video to see why Discotech is the only promoter you’ll ever need:

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