Let’s face it, bottle service at a table in Las Vegas is probably the WORST place to be when you and the homies are on a tight budget, am i right or amirite?

Or… is it???

The Las Vegas that most out-of-town visitors know is the one of sheer opulence, fast money, gluttonous excess, glitzy sensory overload, and high-stakes swings in fortune.  Of course, the locals and insiders are happy to indulge all those “Sin City” stereotypes, because that’s the version many tourists pay handsomely to witness – hey, there’s no business like show business!!!  And Las Vegans (hilarious, but yes that’s what they’re called) play the fiddle in tune because “a fool and his money are soon parted” as the old saying goes.   Hey, there’s a reason why there’s no state income tax in Las Vegas: millions of visitors a year foot those locals’ tax bills via hotel taxes, entertainment taxes, sales taxes, and all other taxes on general debauchery (and stupidity).

Ah, Vegas. Not for the faint of heart… or light of wallet.

However, Vegas is also the home of the $2.99 steak-and-eggs breakfasts, $1 happy hour draft beers, 50 cent hot dogs, penny slot machines, $2 blackjack tables, comped open bars, and free hotel rooms…. if you just know WHERE to look and WHO to ask.  Likewise, there are quite a few fabulous table service deals to be had even smack-dab in the middle of the uber-expensive tourist trap that is the Las Vegas Strip, for those people in the know.  When it comes to nightlife, Discotech – born and raised in Sin City and heading into its seventh year as a Vegas resident and “local” – is that Vegas expert and local guide for you, and we’ve got deal-finding down to a science. Looking to ball on a budget?  Yup, we know our way around and the where to find cheapest bottle service deals available in Sin City.

Without further adieu, here’s our list of the most affordable Las Vegas VIP bottle service deals: (Note: all prices below are before tax/tip/venue fees, which run from 33-38% on top of your final table spend, depending on venue)

Chateau @ Paris

On price alone, there is no better bottle service deal for a nightclub on the Vegas Strip than at Chateau, hands-down.  This centrally located venue will indeed impress you with its spectacular rooftop view of the Las Vegas Boulevard lights from underneath the hotel’s Eiffel Tower replica, but it will truly wow you with a $400 table special offer that gives you a bottle of Belvedere, a bottle of premium champagne, unlimited mixers for your vodka, and up to 4 VIP entries (no wait + line skip, no cover, hosted expedited walk-in to table).  They also have similar specials for larger groups, and even if vodka isn’t your weapon of choice they still have uber-affordable bottle pricing for a la carte orders. Visit our webapp to book bottle service at chateau!

Light @ Mandalay Bay

The original Light Nightclub opened at Bellagio in 2001, and in 2013 the venue relocated and relaunched further down the Strip at Mandalay, replacing the raucous but aging Rumjungle.  Perhaps that pride in being one of the longest-standing Vegas nightclub names in the game is why Light offers what amounts to a “locals discount” with its reasonable pricing.  If you’re a hip-hop aficionado plus a vodka drinker with no discerning preference, then Light is the place to be: you can score a 2-bottle 1L special of a premium “Brand of the Week” (the vodka rotates weekly based on the sponsoring brand) for $1000 (15-20% off of menu list price) with 6 VIP entries.  If your pickup squad is the size of a starting five plus bench guys, fear not: Light offers a 10-person table with 1 magnum of premium vodka + 1 magnum of Veuve Cliquot Champagne + 6 bottled waters + 4 Red Bulls for an amazing $1300. How’s that for a high-percentage shot close to the rim? Book your table at Light Nightclub on our app!

EBC At Night

In general, Vegas clubs that play predominantly electronic music have more expensive pricing, and in general the five-star Wynn/Encore resort is one of the nicest – and most opulently expensive – resorts in Vegas.   On the Wynn/Encore property you will find world-class restaurants, shops, evening shows, and other entertainment options of the finest quality.  Included in these options are four elegantly decorated venues with stellar reputations that draw big DJ talent and the sexiest crowds and thus command elevated table prices.  One of them, EBC At Night, features some pretty excellent bottle deals on certain nights.  Owing to its small size, intimately cozy feel and service, and more importantly a venue where people prefer to go during the day, EBC At Night is one of the few electronic music venues in Vegas where a table with a solid vantage point of the performance stage can be nabbed for a 1-bottle minimum spend ($600-750 depending on alcohol brand ordered).  Where they really shine though is with a truly epic Magnum Special: 2 magnums of vodka, 6 Red Bulls, and VIP entry/table seating for up to 8 guests for a measly $1200.  It’s enough to make your heart pump adrenaline, whether or not you decide to chug those Red Bulls.

Marquee Dayclub @ the Cosmopolitan

Nearly a decade after its grand opening, Marquee Dayclub still remains one of the top-tier pool parties in Vegas, primarily on the strength of their willingness to be innovative.   They started out primarily as an electronic music venue, but over the past couple of years have introduced hip-hop days and artists to cater to the more eclectic music tastes of the hip, deep-pocketed twenty- and thirty-somethings that prefer to stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (and nearby properties Aria and Vdara).  They have created “Beatwave Sundays” to showcase up-and-coming electronic artists who aren’t as big as the brand-name DJs at other venues but have loyal, cult-like worldwide followings.  And they even went so far as to build a dome over their pool so that they could be the only dayclub in town hosting pool parties deep into October and November when the Vegas desert temperatures drop.  This forward thinking extends to a having a high degree of flexibility in table pricing: Marquee DC’s podium directors are often willing to offer custom solutions to groups to match their preferences and budgets.  For example, on Sundays they can drop the daybed minimum spends to below a one-bottle minimum (i.e. $250 when bottles there start at $500), and groups may order food, pitchers of margaritas, buckets of beers, or even a la carte drinks toward their tab   Also, for groups of all or mostly females (ie bachelorette parties) they are generally open to dropping minimum spends for tables by a bottle or two and/or throw in a comp round or two of shots for a special occasion (i.e. a bachelorette party or birthday). Book your bottle service at Marquee Dayclub on the app!

More amazing bottle service deals at clubs all over Vegas can be found on the Discotech app.  Also, don’t hesitate to ping us on our help line at 415-735-6716 to inquire about any weekly or surprise bottle specials that might be available for the dates you’re in town.  Happy deal hunting!!!