1505 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003

Days Open

10:30 PM – 2:00 AM Thursday through Saturday

Where can I buy tickets to Sekai?

Tickets are the best way to guarantee entry into an event. To purchase your tickets and view upcoming shows, click here.

Are tickets available for every event?

Yes! With a few exceptions, pre-sale tickets will be available for most events at Sekai.

Sekai discount code

You can use the promo code DISCO to save 10% on your tickets when you purchase them through Discotech.

Where is Sekai located?

Sekai is located at 1505 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003.

What days is Sekai open?

Sekai is open from 10:30 PM – 2:00 AM every Thursday through Saturday

So what is Discotech?

Check out this video to learn more:

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