Cle is located at 2301 Main St

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM Thurs – Sat

Does Cle have a guestlist?

Cle has a guest list that is open for most days, and you can find upcoming events and sign up for free on the Cle event calendar or on the Discotech app.

Guest list rules at Cle:

It is free before 11:30 PM – must be at the door by 11:30 PM, arrive by 11:00 PM – mention Discotech at the door.

How much is cover charge at the door for Cle?

Cle charges a cover of $20-30 on most days.

How do I get on the guestlist for Cle?

You can sign up for the free guestlist online or on the Discotech app.