Guide to EDC Las Vegas Stages

With up to 10 different stages on any given night, EDC Las Vegas has something for everyone. Whether you’re into dubstep, trap, deep house, techno, trance, progressive, tech house, or big room house – you’ll certainly find something to float your boat at EDC. Each of the stages tend to have a certain “theme” and feature artists with similar sounds.

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Here is the musical breakdown of each of the EDC stages:


Kinetic Field is often referred to as EDC’s “Main Stage” where you can go to see the bigger mainstream artists. DJ’s like Tiesto, Marshmello, Alesso, Dash Berlin, and Calvin Harris have performed here in the recent past.

Because of its unmistakably enormous size, and general musical appeal, this is also the biggest production. From nonstop pyrotechnics and fireworks, to water features and dozens of insane-quality speakers, the Kinetic Field is nothing short of spectacular. Thousands of people can (and do) enjoy this absolutely massive and energetic stage at any hour of the night.

If all that isn’t enough for you, this stage has tons of dancers and performers. If you’re into costumes and production effects, this is definitely one area of EDC that you should check out at least once. Special guests have routinely surprised festival goers here too. Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad) pushed the button during Above and Beyond’s set, and hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd made an appearance for Afrojack.

TL;DR – If you like festival house, trap, popular EDM tracks, and seriously BIG productions, you’ll love Kinetic Field.


Upon entry to EDC Las Vegas, the very first of the EDC stages you’ll probably see coming down the bleachers is Cosmic Meadow. Like it’s big sibling Kinetic, the Cosmic Meadow is also very production-heavy. All genres of EDM in Las Vegas have visited here: from house, to techno, to hip hop, to rock. However, this stage is typically known for trap artists, dubstep, bass music, and chill tracks.

As the name might suggest, this stage is the only one to open out to a wonderful, open grassy area. It is on this “meadow” that we’ve seen rave-goers sitting, napping, dancing, giving light shows, or simply cooling down and relaxing. After all, lying on real grass after dancing for hours in 90-100 degree Vegas weather is a much appreciated feature of this festival. The grass typically always has open areas to the sides, and directly faces the speedway’s bleachers, so it’s ideal for being able to listen to the music without being smashed in a tight crowd (we’re talking to you introverts out there ;P ).

That’s not to say that this stage is boring though. In the pasts, artists like Flosstradamus, Illenium, K?D, Porter Robinson, Slushii, and San Holo have performed here. And in addition to the killer music, the Cosmic Meadow provides a variety of beautiful light features and illuminated decorations throughout the football-field size area.

If, somehow, you entered EDC without seeing this beautiful stage, we highly recommend checking it out (especially if you need a place to rest). If you’re here long enough, you may even see special guests. In 2017, G-Eazy made a surprise visit during Jauz’s set.

TL;DR – If you like open space, cool grass, and trap music, definitely check out a few sets at Costmic Meadow.


The beloved and entrancing Circuit Grounds is one of the most visually appealing stages. Not only is it typically one of the largest EDC stages, it’s all about the technology.

This stage has truly amazing lightwork and design, and it is here that you’ll typically find the latest LED tech really has to offer. In the past we’ve seen rotating LED screens, moving ceilings, trippy all-encompassing side panel screens, and of course bright, piercing laser effects that’ll make you lose your mind (in the best way possible!)

The stage often holds progressive house and trance artists, and a huge variety of artists will show up. In the past Circuit Grounds has showcased cherished artists including Above & Beyond, Alan Walker, and Zedd. Special guests to pop up here as well, with Lil Jon appearing on stage with Flosstradamus in 2017.

TL;DR – Both progressive trance music lovers and LED fanatics alike will never be disappointed with this stage. And if you happen to also have a pair of diffraction glasses or kaleidoscope goggles, this is definitely one part of the festival you’ll need to hit up.


Of all the EDC stages, Neon Garden showcases a completely different vibe than the others. Neon Garden mainly holds pure house and techno DJ’s. Because of this, EDC founder, Pasquale, has said it is the festival’s tribute to the origin of EDM. If there are any underground sounds at EDC, they would be at Neon Garden. It’s always amazing inside this area and definitely easy to zone out.

The structure itself is a smaller setup, full of low-lights and the occasional smooth laser show. It is always a gorgeous setup and often attracts a great mix of people from all ages.

From the eerie beats of Green Velvet, to techno legend Adam Beyer, we guarantee that if you like house and techno, you’ll fall in love with Neon Garden. Even if you’re not a fan of techno, this stage embraces a consistent mood with subtle changes that invite anyone passing by to shuffle their feet.

TL;DR – With its catchy house vibes and entrancing techno music, Neon Garden has remained a welcomed alternative to the festival’s modern EDM styles.


As the name might suggest, Bass Pod is dedicated to the bass music sub-genres of D&B (Drum and Bass) and Dubstep. Hosted by the Bassrush team, this stage has been known in the past for its iconic pyrotechnic robot pods. However, EDC 2017 was the last appearance of this design so we can look forward to a whole new concept in 2018.

Most EDC stages have their own special element that makes them stand out. Bass Pod’s element is its power. The insane amount of power put into this stage for the sound and effects is known to be nothing short of sensational. Blowing out fire (and speakers!) seems to be somewhat of a favorite pass-time for this stage.

On top of the intense sound system, special guests like Drake have made their way to this stage for Metro Boomin’s set. Despite its tendency to get a bit wild, we’ve found ourselves gravitating towards this particular stage more and more over the years. They must be doing something right 😉

TL;DR – If headbanging to bass-heavy sets, and hardcore drops are your jam, Bass Pod is a must see for you!


Wasteland is not for the faint of heart, nor for those low on energy. This Basscon-hosted stage is dedicated to all the hard style of dance music. And of all the EDC stages, we’re pretty sure this one has never played music below 150BPM. If you can manage to get to the front of the crowd during any Hardstyle song, prepare to have your entire body vibrating with bass and energy. It truly is a rush.

If the music isn’t intense enough for you, the stage presentation and the crowd should be. Wasteland captures a typically post-apocalyptic concept, so fire effects are pretty much always a must – as is literally anything that screams intensity.

Wasteland has been home to some of the biggest names in Hardstyle at EDC, including euphoric hardstyle artist, Brennan Heart, and the “Godfather of Hardstyle,” The Prophet. With its super high energy and fast-paced tracks, it’s definitely worth checking out.

TL;DR – Whether you’re a fan of hard style, thrilling set productions, or the kind of loud music that sucks you in and rattles your brain, Wasteland is going to win your hardcore little heart over.


The genre of Trance music is one of the oldest in electronic music and truly embodies the original PLUR movement. This goes without saying then, that trance’s fan base is huge – and growing. It is precisely for this dedicated and ever-present group of fans that Pasquale created this 8th stage at EDC.

Quantum Valley, hosted by Dreamstate, provides EDM lovers with the chance to connect to the spirit of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (and Responsibility). In our opinion, this is the beauty of the new stage’s concept. From Psytrance to Hard trance, if you’re looking for your own particular style, it’s probably here. It’s also here that you’re likely to find many of your more underground sounds.

Like its older cousin Circuit Grounds, Quantum Valley provides nothing short of a spectacular light show. Artists like Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Armin van Buuren, and Markus Schulz have helped make this stage the mesmerizing and, dare we say it, en-TRANCE-ing production that it is. No matter the subgenre you’re interested in, there’s likely a trance set for you here.

TL;DR – Trance lovers unite at Quantum Valley. If you’re a fan of Dreamstate, you’ll fall in love with this stage as much as we did.


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Art Cars (Moving Stages)

From glowing buggies to massive party ships, these mobile sound systems can be found roaming the Speedway, broadcasting all forms of dance music. Go exploring, and you might catch a special DJ set!