Guide to Different Coachella Stages

First time going to Coachella? Looking to get the lay of the land before you go? Wondering what type of music you’ll find at each stage? Coachella is one of the largest and most diverse music festivals in the world, with music from all types of genres – electronic, rock, hip hop, latin, pop, and more. Each of the stages are all unique and typically feature different types of music. Here is our breakdown of the different Coachella stages:

Coachella Stage (Main Stage)

coachella main stage

This is the main stage that features the biggest headliners and draws the largest crowds. The main headliners will close out each night at this stage. You’ll find the best production here, with sound that can be heard throughout the festival grounds. There are speakers set up thorughout the field in order to pump up the noise, but the closer to the front you are the louder the music will be. There is a beer garden to the left of the stage where you can get alcohol and watch the performance. Not much shade available.

Outdoor Theatre

coachella outdoor theater

Smaller outdoor stage to the right of the Coachella Stage. This also features some pretty big name artists, and is the second biggest stage. The genre varies depending on artist. This is one of the best stages to catch a sunset set. Not much shade available.

Mojave Tent

coachella mojave tent

The second largest tent stage – home to a lot of indie rock bands and other up and coming acts. Stage production is solid. Usually isn’t super crowded unless there’s a bigger artist playing.

Gobi Tent

Coachella Gobi Tent

The gobi is a place featuring smaller artists on the come up. This tent will never be crowded and the crowd there will tend to be hard core fans of the performers. The Gobi tent is a nice place to relax in the shade and get away from the crowds.

Sahara Tent

Coachella Sahara Tent

A large, hangar like tent that tends to host primarily EDM (electronic dance music) acts, with a few hip hop artist sprinkled in here and there. In 2018 it was built 25% larger and relocated to a spot near the festival entrance, which provided more shade and allowed more space for crowd flow in and out of the stage. Biggest production of all the tent stages – with lasers, lights, cool stage design that changes every year.

Do Lab

Coachella Do Lab

Straddling these two identities is a vibrant alcove at Coachella called the Do LaB Stage, a glimmering oasis in the arid landscape. This tucked-away corner is both a literal and figurative refuge from the heat of the festival. Colorful characters blast water guns from the stage while the whole area thumps with fresh electronic beats. The contoured rainbow canopy helps to block the desert sun while enveloping attendees in an intimate environment in sharp contrast to Coachella’s other cavernous domes. Curated by Lightning in a Bottle, you’ll find smaller, up and coming DJs that play music that’s a bit more underground. Think trap, bass heavy music, etc – not big room house. Will usually have a surprise DJ closing out the night.

Yuma Tent

Coachella Yuma Tent

A small air conditioned indoor tent with wooden floors that primarily hosts underground, darker electronic DJs. This tent has more of a club vibe and is a great spot to get out of the heat. It has numerous advantages: It’s fully enclosed, so no dust, and there’s air conditioning. But perhaps the best part is the sound quality; there’s no bleed from any other stages, and the system is sharp and precise. This tent has limited capacity and there is usually a line to get in as they want to make sure that the tent doesn’t get over crowded.

Sonora Tent

A small indoor tent, hosting primarily latin and punk rock acts.

Heineken House

A walled structure featuring an open beer garden layout. There’s usually a DJ playing here – genre varies from hip hop, to funk, to trap.

Antarctic Dome

Coachella Antarctic Dome

An indoor dome introduced in 2017 to screen 360 degree immersive videos. The dome can seat 500 people at a time and the shows typically last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. You sit down and turn your gaze upwards for the show. Lines definitely get long for this – expect to wait at least 45 minutes. The best time to catch this show is at the very beginning, or at the end of the night when everyone’s at the headliner.

Coachella Stages FAQ

How many stages are there at Coachella?

There are 8 stages – Coachella Main Stage, Outdoor Stage, Sahara Tent, Yuma Tent, Mojave Tent, Do Lab, Gobi Tent, and the Sonora Tent. In addition, there is the Heineken house which does have a DJ and music but doesn’t feature big talent.

Which stages at Coachella feature electronic music?

You’ll find mostly EDM at the Sahara Tent, Do Lab, and Yuma Tent. You’ll also find some big name DJs at the main stage and sometimes at the outdoor stages.

Which is the biggest stage at Coachella?

The biggest stage at Coachella is definitely the Coachella main stage.

Which stage does the headliners perform at?

The biggest headliners perform at the Coachella main stage.

What’s the best stage at Coachella?

It really depends what you’re into! Each of the stages has it’s own vibe and music. Main stage is the most mainstream. Read our descriptions above to see which one fit’s your mood!

Where can I buy tickets for Coachella?

Coachella 2022 is sold out, the good news is you can still purchase tickets on from trusted sites. You can view and purchase Coachella tickets here.

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