Differences Between Coachella Weekend 1 and Weekend 2

Should I go to Coachella Weekend 1 or Coachella Weekend 2?

Coachella weekend 1 is undoubtedly the more popular of the two weekends. Weekend 1 tickets always sell out first, and you’ll always be able to trade your weekend 1 ticket for weekend 2 (but rarely the other way around). We’ve experienced both weekends – here are the pros and cons of both weekends:

Coachella Weekend 1 Pros:

  • Everything is a surprise – no one knows what art installations there will be, what surprise guests are going to show up, which acts will be amazing, which acts will suck – there’s definitely more anticipation and a greater payoff potential in weekend one. Weekend two does usually feature some different surprise guests but for the most part they are the same as the first weekend.
  • Beautiful people – All the instagram models, celebrities, influencers, etc will be at weekend one. The biggest after parties also take place during weekend 1 (though these are typically pretty difficult to get an invite to). If you have VIP tickets you’ll see more celebrities weekend 1.
  • Fresh looks – Weekend one features more vibrant, fresh grass that hasn’t been trampled for 3 days by 100k people. You’ll definitely get the best instagram shots on weekend 1.

Coachella Weekend 2 Pros:

  • Save dat money – buying resale tickets and accommodations (airbnbs, hotels, etc) are always cheaper on weekend 2.
  • Smoother operations – technical and operational kinks will typically be worked out by weekend 2.
  • Music vibes – the people at weekend two tend to be more into the music vs trying to be seen / taking selfies for the gram.
  • Less crowded – There will still be massive crowds and logjams at certain points throughout the weekend — especially when everyone is heading to the main stage to see Beyoncé.  But overall there always seems to be less people during Weekend 2.

Whether you go weekend 1 or 2, the most important factor is the group you go with!