Prysm is located at 1543 N Kingsbury St.

Nights Open

10:00 PM – 4:00 AM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday; 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM every Saturday

Does Prysm presale tickets?

Yes! Pre-sale tickets are available for all events at Prysm. You can view ticket prices and buy tickets on the Prysm event calendar.

Where can I buy tickets to Prysm?

You can purchase tickets to Prysm online, or you can purchase them on the free Discotech app. Tickets are typically cheaper than general admission, which is what makes them the best way to secure a spot at Prysm nightclub in Chicago.

How much do tickets cost at Prysm?

Tickets generally start at $20 for girls, $30 for guys. This is subject to change and may be closer to $15-$25 for smaller artists. Expect to pay more for special events and bigger DJs. See upcoming events and buy tickets to Prysm here or on our free mobile app.

Prysm discount code

Prysm does not offer any promo codes at this time.

Benefits of buying tickets at Prysm

Ticket holders get quicker, expedited admission, as well as guaranteed entry into the club (general admission can be hit or miss). Also, tickets are almost always $5-$15 cheaper than general admission, making them a more budget friendly option

Upcoming Events At Prysm That Offer Tickets: