Pacha is located at Ramón Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 in Barcelona, Spain

Nights Open

12 am – 5 am on Mon – Thu, Sun

12 am – 6 am on Fri – Sat

How much is table/bottle service at Pacha?

Bottle service minimums varies depending on the talent spinning, and the number of people in your party. Contact us below and we’ll get you a custom quote for your party shortly! View table pricing directly on our free mobile app, or book Pacha bottle service directly on our webapp. You can also see a full bottle menu below!

Which is the best table at Pacha?

The best table depends on what type of music you are into. Each room at Pacha plays a different genre so be sure to book a table in the room with your favorite music.

Pacha Table Floor Plan

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