Gate88 – Bali’s Nightclub Built in an Abandoned DC-10 Airplane

Nightclubs come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, while others have a particular theme or are built in a “unique” location.

Gate88 is the latest of these unique nightclubs, made special because it has been build right out of an abandoned airplane.

Located in Bali, Indonesia, Gate88 was built right of an abandoned DC-10 aircraft atop a building in the area. It is actually a longtime Bali landmark but was left abandoned for a long time before being repurposed and redesigned as a nightclub that just opened on July 1.

To kick things off, Gate88 opened its doors with an event called High-Fi, featuring performers such as Giax of Clandestine Artists, Ricardo Who?, and Dr. Kessler, while Jenja’s Mamsa and Wisdy playing back-to-back. The event was organized by the (re)Set crew, the guys behind the private yacht party with Rampue, a pop up pool party in an abandoned beach club, and Hacienda’s infamous El Rooftop series.

Check out pictures from Gate88 below, courtesy of photographer Photografio: