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Best Hip Hop Clubs in Atlantic City

In one of our recent posts, we checked out some of the hottest EDM clubs in Atlantic City. But for those who prefer Hip Hop over EDM, you’re in luck. Today we’re going to look at the best venues to catch your favorite Hip Hop artists. Some venues you might recognize from our last posting, which is to be expected. Both legendary EDM and Hip Hop artists have been making the absolute most of these epic clubs in Atlantic City. Now, time to turn our focus to the legendary venues that continute to attract the best of the best. With that being said, lets get to it.

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Premier Nightclub provides a fun and wild nightlife experience like no other. Although a popular spot of EDM artists, Premier has managed to remain one of Atlantic City’s highest reviewed hip hop clubs. Premier has left the door open in Atlantic City’s Hip Hop nightlife scene, encouraging top artists to perform for the wild AC crowds.

From unmatched service to alluring design and top name Hip Hop artists, Premier nightclub remains a fabulous venue to see your favorite Hip Hop artist. We recommend upgrading your night with VIP table service as getting inside becomes an uncertainty when big names are taking center stage. If bottle service isn’t your thing, sign up for guest list as Premier Nightclub!

Some important guest list details: Saturday night’s guest list closes early at 11 PM whereas Monday and Friday’s guest list closes at 12 PM, so make sure to arrive early! Of course guest list is 21+ at Premier, but what is surprising is that Monday and Friday offer free admission before 12, whereas Saturday the guest list offer a discounted admission. If debating whether to sign up for guest list, best to decide sooner then later, as the guest list sign up is cut off at 8 PM at Premier.

Kiss Kiss

This loosely based Alice and Wonderland themed club Kiss Kiss is an absolute must go for Hip Hop fans. The club attracts a fun, enthusiastic crowd and is truly an experience unlike any other. This clubs looks and feels very trippy, a goal of Ivan Kane, the designer of the venue. Why is this a top Hip Hop club in Atlantic City? Unlike larger venues, this club almost always is playing Hip Hop bangers.

Kiss Kiss also has tabels for reservation, so make sure to check out their bottle service menu found on the Discotech app. You can be sure to hear your favorite Hip Hop songs when attending Kiss Kiss but getting inside can be hard so make sure to check out and sign up for guest list as Kiss Kiss to ensure you’re able to attend. Guest list at Kiss Kiss comes with huge benefits, specifically free entry before 11:30, and $10 off GA from 11:30 – 2:30 AM. If looking to sign up for guest list, make sure to do it before 8 PM, as thats the cutoff time for sign up. The guest list line closes at at 11:30 Thurs – Sat so find a spot early!

Daer Nightclub

Set on 17 acres with the legendary Atlantic City Boardwalk as its backdrop, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is the city’s go-to entertainment destination. With the addition of Daer Nightclub, Atlantic City has become one of the biggest growing hotspots for nightlife entertainment. Located on the northern end of Atlantic City’s world-famous boardwalk, Daer Nightclub is a top spot for Hip Hop fans in Atlantic City to congregate.

Within its monstrous arsenal includes an 8000-watt Funktion One sound system as well as a 30-foot state-of-the-art LED centerpiece with over 50 synchronized moving fixtures. Yes, this venue gets loud and is visually stunning. Both of which cannot truly be appreciated unless experienced. For those looking for a place to sit, drink and enjoy the show, bottle service is available and encouraged.

The club’s top of the line audio-visuals are accompanied by specialized cannon blasters, confetti cannons, smoke, lasers, and light shows. You’re not gonna wanna miss out, so don’t. Sign up for guest list at Daer Nightclub to catch your favorite artist doing his / her thing!

Guest list at Daer Nightclub is offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturdays are the most popular nights, which means that guest list offers a discounted admission before 11 PM so try to arrive by 10:30 PM. Fridays and Sundays have free admission with guest list before 12 AM so arrive by 11:30 PM. The guest list last sign up time at Daer is 8 PM so sign up early!

The Pool After Dark

The Pool After Dark after undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation in early 2017, has transformed itself into one of the top and most popular venues on our list. Pulling in A-list celebrity hosts and performers straight off the Billboard Hot 100 charts like French Montana, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, as well as countless others, The Pool After Dark provides a nightlife experience of epic proportions every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights so make sure to sign up for guest list at Pool After Dark!

Guest list at Pool after Dark also comes with huge benefits! Saturday offers a discounted admission before 12 PM, but Wednesday and Friday offer free admission before 12 PM. Rule of thumb is arrive 30 minutes before but if playing it safe consider arrive 45 minutes or an hour before 12. The guest list sign up also closes at 8 PM, so make sure to sign up immediately so not to forget.

Once inside you will find yourself immersed in the sounds of today’s top 40, hip-hop & EDM beside the city’s most captivating dancers.Take in the atmosphere as the hottest stars in the industry perform live from the new, elevated stage & DJ area, enhanced with eye-catching graphic displays on massive LED walls. But thats not all.

The Pool After Dark has newly redesigned 2nd floor balcony which aims to provide the ultimate VIP experience, popping bottles at your private table while beside sexy cage dancers taking in 180-degree aerial views of electric scene below. Each VIP table in the 2nd floor balcony or what they call, The Loft, features a bird’s eye view over the nightclub, with direct sight lines to live entertainment from their massive, LED-lit stage.

Try your luck at a few hands of blackjack or take a spin at the roulette wheel without ever stepping away from the action, as The Pool After Dark now has a gaming pit conveniently located on the main floor of the nightclub. Enjoy first-class cocktail service from our bikini-clad waitresses while watching your winnings roll in all night long. The VIP possibilities are endless if you want to be the envy of the crowd. Reserve a table, poolside daybed, cabana or new, large-party bungalow and let their bottle service babes shower your party with personalized bottle presentations all night long. If you’re feeling extra daring, ask about their private, secluded hot tubs.

Atlantic City Nightclubs FAQ

What are the hottest clubs in Atlantic City?

The best clubs in Atlantic City include: HQ2 Nightclub, Daer Nightclub, Kiss Kiss, The Pool After Dark, and Premier.

What are the best EDM clubs in Atlantic City?

The best clubs in Atlantic City that play electronic music are: Daer Nightclub, HQ2, and Premier.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Atlantic City?

The best hip hop clubs in AC include Kiss Kiss, Premier, and Pool After Dark.

What are the best pool parties in Atlantic City?

The best pool parties in Atlantic City include Pool After Dark and HQ2 Beach Club.

What time is last call in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City serves alcohol 24 hours a day.

What time do Atlantic City Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 10 PM.

What time do Atlantic City Nightclubs typically close?

Usually 4 AM on weekends, but clubs can close as early as 2 AM depending on the day of the week and the club.

Is weed legal in Atlantic City?

Marijuana is illegal in Atlantic City, and is punishable by different penalties depending on the amount of marijuana an offender possesses. 

What is the dress code like at Atlantic City Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for Atlantic City Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Atlantic City Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.