Bamboozle Festival 2023 is being held at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Event Days

Bamboozle Festival will be held on May 5th, 6th, and 7th of 2023.

How do I buy Bamboozle Festival tickets?

You can view ticket prices and purchase tickets on the Bamboozle Festival Event Calendar or on the free Discotech app.

Be sure to get $15 off all Friday general admission tickets and $25 off Saturday/Sunday general admission tickets using the promo code DISCO at checkout.

How much do tickets cost to Bamboozle Festival?

1-day ticket passes to Bamboozle Festival in Atlantic City are going to cost between $120 and $130. However, you can get $15 to $25 off you tickets by using the promo code DISCO when checking out! 3-Day weekend ticket passes are going to cost $315. VIP tickets and MVP VIP tickets are going to be the most expensive option with a price that ranges between $750 and $1,500. You can purchase tickets to Bamboozle Festival 2023 here.

Are there any promo/discount codes for Bamboozle Festival

Yes! You can use the promo code DISCO to get access too:

  • $15 off all Friday general admission tickets
  • $25 off all Saturday/Sunday general admission tickets

Bamboozle Music Festival 2023 ticket options:

Ticket Option Ticket Price
Friday General Admission Tickets $120
Saturday General Admission Tickets $130
Sunday General Admission Tickets $130
3-Day Weekend Passes $315
VIP Tickets $750
MVP VIP Tickets $1,500

Please check out an accurate pricing list on the Bamboozle Festival Ticket Calendar in case prices change.

Will tickets to Bamboozle 2023 Festival sell out?

Similar to any other major festival that features prominent music artists, there is a possibility that tickets might sell out. To prevent missing out, it’s a good idea to buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Bamboozle Music Festival 2023 Tickets:

Bamboozle Music Festival Lineup: