Top 5 Best Snow / Winter Music Festivals in the USA & Canada

Despite what California and Florida seem to suggest by their weather, most parts of the USA get really cold during the winter months of the year. And for a country that loves to party, the US has quickly followed Europe and their trend of hosting icy music festivals that bring skiing, snowboarding and other snowsports into the mix.. With 2020 approaching its end and the winter months quickly approaching, the snowsport music festival scene is coming alive, we thought there was no better time than to compile a list of the best snowsports music festivals to check out in North America.

SnowGlobe in South Lake Tahoe, California

Run by iconic MTV, the SnowGlobe festival is perhaps the most multi-purpose music festival in the world and also the most interesting winter wonderland. Set in South Lake Tahoe, with some of the continent’s best ski resorts, such as Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Northstar, near striking distance of the festival, this is one festival where the fun never stops. Onsite the lineup of party-stating electronic artists like Zedd, Disclosure, Tiesto, and Kaskade ensure the dancefloor stays hot. Offsite, guests can enjoy the slopes in between rounds of their favorite artists performing. If that’s not enough, the festival is always set over New Year’s Eve, so you can get your ski trip, festival experience, and NYE plans settled in one fell swoop.  

Snowbombing Canada in Sun Peaks British Columbia

Snowbombing Canada at Sun Peaks began at the popular ski resort in the spring of 2017, bringing some of the world’s most notable electronic and Hip-Hop acts to British Columbia. The event has two outposts, one in Austria and this one in Canada. In Europe, where snowsport music festivals are much more common, Snowbombing is regarded as one of the premier festivals of its kind, and it is no different in North America with its sister festival. Expertly curated lineups of upbeat dance music from artists like Illenium, Cypress Hill, and Odesza take the après ski vibe to a whole other level after a day on the pristine slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, British Columbia

NOS performing at the outdoor concerts series at WSSF

Coming alive in 1994 with the World Technical Skiing Championships, the World Ski & Snowboard Festival has brought together ski champions from various disciplines and attracted a large number of ski media to Whistler to enjoy themselves at the biggest snowsports music festival in North America. A quarter of a million attendees with ski and snowboard aficionados amongst them are able to witness premier athletes compete and partake in some activities themselves while also getting to enjoy live concerts and DJ sets. The cold doesn’t keep away the talent either. The event regularly has a stacked lineup with artists such as Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Old Soul Rebel, Little Destroyer, Skratch Bastid, Mat the Alien, and March Fourth playing.

WinterWonderGrass in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Photo by Molly McCormick © WinterWonderGrass Festival All Rights Rerserved 2019

This is another popular snowsports music festival that has branched out to take place in multiple locations amongst which are Squaw in California, Stratton in Vermont, and of course Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Unlike the other events on this list, this festival is a multi-day bluegrass and roots music festival. Their aim is to cultivate and nurture the relationship between nature, authentic music, and communal family, which creates a vehicle for inspiration. They believe that when people come together with open hearts and open minds, bringing all of their differences and unique opinions, they truly begin to dissolve the illusion of separation from one another. Their intention is to create a platform for artists, vendors, attendees, and our planet to unite as one – connecting the community. With artists like Greensky Bluegrass, Margo Price, Billy Strings, Keller Williams and the Keels, Nikki Lane, The Travelin’ McCourys, and Molly Tuttle playing, it’s suffice to say that WinterWonderGrass achieves their goals. If winter sports and bluegrass music are right up your alley then this is the perfect music festival for you.

Snowsio in Frisco, Colorado

Snowsio was launched in February 2020 in Colorado. From the rock, electronic, and jazz fusion artists Papadosio, this three-day event came to life bringing a more intimate feel to snowsports music festivals. The event trades in big mountain skiing for the more collective activity of tubing. Attendees are also able to enjoy special après sets, multiple appearances from Papadosio, and an all-star Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin jam sesh as well as artists like Joel Cummins (of Umphrey’s McGee), Eminence Ensemble, Stan Kitchen, Brether, and Earthcry for its inaugural show. At Snowsio, festival goers are able to enjoy the casual air of friends hanging out and enjoying good music while having fun in the snow, making for the perfect winter experience.

10 Most Essential Tips for Your First Music Festival

Bought tickets to Coachella in a moment of (possibly drunken) weakness with your friends? Never been to a music festival and have no idea what to expect? Don’t worry, we – your EDM guardian angels – are here to assuage all your fears and ensure that you go in prepared to have the time of your life.

1. Choose Comfy Kicks

Yes, I know you’ve been planning your rave look(s) for months but hear me out here: you can have a fire outfit without wearing shoes that double as mini daggers for your toes. Music festivals are usually pretty generously spread out and always jam-packed so you want to wear comfortable footwear to take on the crowds and to run from the stage to the porta-potties and back without twisting your ankle. Sneakers or sturdy sandals are the best way to go, so ladies, please leave those killer heels at home. And if you’re seriously worried about comfortable footwear blah-ing down your look, then just go out a pair of plain white Converse and jazz them up with your trusty old Sharpies. Turns out comfort and fashion can co-exist peacefully after all. 

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dehydration is a bummer anywhere, but it’s a real vibe-killer at music festivals. Without any good ole H20 in your system you’re going to start feeling dizzy and really what’s the point of driving over to Vegas to catch Electric Daisy Carnival if you have to spend most of it passed out in the medical tent? Since bottled water costs an arm and a leg at most music festivals, take advantage of the free water refill stations and come armed with your own bottle! Carry a sleek hydropack or a flask that you can easily top up because you’re going to want to keep your fluids up when Alesso hits the stage so you can tear up the dance floor with the moves you’ve been practicing in your bedroom all summer. 

3. Get There Early!

However tempting it may appear to take that random detour on your way to Lollapalooza, I suggest you hold off on the tenth pee and snack break if you want to get there on time. Arrive with some time to spare so that you can get a good feel of the venue and familiarize yourself with the place before it fills up with enthusiastic ravers. Remember, the early bird catches the worm best spot to do the worm! But if you want a chance at making any new EDM buddies – or leaving with your dignity intact – I’d advise you to save that move for dares.

4. Come Armed With A Portable Charger

Having your phone dying on you when you’re fumbling through the dark on your way back to the tents is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Think ahead and toss in a (preferably fully-charged) portable charger into your fanny pack so that along with your own, you can make sure you keep your phone’s energy up too. Since your phone’s your main medium of communication with your group – and the world beyond – try to conserve your battery as much as possible, even if you have a charger at hand. Focus on making memories, not documenting them on Snapchat and then maybe, just maybe, you have a shot at making it out without a dead phone.

5. Layer Up

The key thing to keep in mind when planning your outfit weeks and months in advance, is that layering is your friend. Yes, even if you’re headed to Coachella, in the heart of sunny California, you’d want to make sure that your clothing equips you to deal with any fluctuations in temperature that may be thrown your way. Remember that a lot of music festivals can go from being unbearably hot to teeth-chatteringly chilly in a matter of moments come sundown, so you want to stack up on those layers if you want to be able to travel light. I’d suggest working in a cute sweatshirt into your look so that you can take it off or leave it on as and when you need whilst keeping the aesthetic intact.

6. Carry Cash, Not Cards

While it may seem counterintuitive to carry cash to a music festival, I assure you that it’s a smart move because a lot of the food stalls and such may not be keen on taking credit card payments… and you really don’t want to go the night hungry now, do you? Rather than running the risk of losing your credit card out there on the chaotic mess that is the dance floor, stash some money in your beloved fanny pack. Take it a step further by distributing your cash amongst your belongings – pockets, beneath the sole of your shoes, in your phone cover, etc. – so that even if you drop a tenner from one hiding spot, you still have a couple more to count on.

7. Plan Ahead, Get Ahead

Music festivals are blockbuster events with star-studded line-ups, so it’s natural that a lot of performances will overlap or unfold parallelly. To save yourself a panic attack about picking between DJ Snake and Hardwell, get a hold of the festival schedule well in advance so you can comb through it and decide which ones you plan to attend. If you and your pals have different music tastes then have everyone circle out what they want to do so there’s no confusion later on. Obviously you can’t plan out the whole weekend – and that’s the fun of it – but the things you can account for, you should. 

8. Fix a Meeting Spot for the Squad

It’s totally cool if you want to split up from your friends and catch a couple performances alone because hey, it’s not every day that you get to see Afrojack live. But if you want to save yourself a tearful half an hour of struggling to track down your crew, make sure that you’ve decided on a meeting spot before you part ways. By setting a simple meeting time and place ahead of time, you will be able to reunite successfully no matter how many working phones you might have between the six of you.

9. Stock up on Snacks

Showing up to a music festival on a hungry stomach is a rookie mistake. Eat a full meal before you arrive so that the fatigue doesn’t kick in while the night is still young. And while we’re on the subject of food, make sure that you also pack a couple of quick snacks into your fanny pack to munch on when you’re feeling hangry out there. Be smart about what you bring – skip the fresh sandwiches for something that’s a little more dry and mess-free. Whether it be a pack of gummies, a protein bar or some beef jerky – a tasty energy-booster will tide you through those bouts of hunger when you don’t want to miss a performance lining up for some overpriced tacos.

10.  Keep an Open Mind

If music festivals came with a universal motto, it would definitely be ‘carpe diem’. You’re likely to run into all kinds of people here so it doubles as a fun opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals too. Stay flexible and keep an open mind because if you’re a music festival newbie, chances are you’ll see – and experience – a lot of new things that might take you by surprise. That being said, I know that peer pressure gets to the best of us, but make sure to draw the line if at any point you feel uncomfortable.

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Rolling Loud Festival European Debut Set for Portugal in 2021

The Rolling Loud Festival will now make its European debut in July 2021 when it touches down in Portugal at Praia da Rocha Beach in Portimão, organizers announced on Tuesday (July 28).

The inaugural overseas edition was originally set to take place in July 2020, but has been rescheduled to July 6-8, 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 2021 edition will feature headlining slots from original headliners ASAP Rocky, Future and Wiz Khalifa.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Chief Keef, DaBaby, Lil Durk and Lil Keed will also make appearances.

Pre-sale kicks off Thursday (July 30) at 9:00 a.m. GMT, with general on-sale beginning Friday (July 31) at 9:00 a.m. GMT. Learn more here.

EDC 2020 Cancelled

Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the world’s largest annual dance festivals, has abandoned plans to try and reschedule the 150,000-person-per-day festival held at the Las Vegas Speedway to October.

Originally scheduled for May 15-17, the festival created by Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella with a 2020 lineup featuring more than 200 artists, including Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, David Guetta and Major Lazer was first postponed in April and given a new October 2-4 date.

On Sunday (Aug. 2), Rotella announced on Instagram that the festival was being moved again, this time to May 21-23, effectively ending any prospects that the 2020 festival would return.
“The team & I have spent the last several months working to create a plan that would allow us to produce a safe event for you,” Rotella wrote. “We wanted to implement a free two-step testing program, one test at home before traveling to Las Vegas & another test at the venue when you arrived, in addition to many other enhanced safety protocols. Unfortunately, we just learned that the medical advances necessary to pull this off will not be ready in time, which is why I’m making this announcement today.”

The spread of the coronavirus and the devastating toll COVID-19 has taken on countries around the world has led to a complete shutdown of the live entertainment business, leading to billions in expected losses for companies such as Live Nation, which owns Insomniac. Most promoters now say the touring business won’t resume until the majority of the population has been vaccinated.

Read Rotella’s full announcement below:

View this post on Instagram

@EDC_LasVegas UPDATE: I know you’ve been waiting a long time & I want to THANK YOU for being so patient. Some have questioned why we haven’t postponed yet & I want to let you know what we’ve been up to. The team & I have spent the last several months working to create a plan that would allow us to produce a safe event for you. We wanted to implement a free two-step testing program, one test at home before traveling to Las Vegas & another test at the venue when you arrived, in addition to many other enhanced safety protocols. Unfortunately, we just learned that the medical advances necessary to pull this off will not be ready in time, which is why I’m making this announcement today. Regardless, I’m proud of our team for continuing to believe & work so hard throughout the process. This whole experience has truly been a wild ride. Here I am, a rave promoter, finding myself talking to biopharmaceutical companies about diagnostic tests for a novel virus while working with Nevada’s most prominent government officials. I’ve felt a lot of pressure wanting to come through for all of you & after taking time to exhaust every possible option, I can feel confident knowing this is the right decision. We are officially postponing EDC Las Vegas 2020 & will be returning May 21+22+23 of 2021 to celebrate 25 years of EDC. To everyone who chose to hang onto their ticket & stick with us during this time, THANK YOU! You’re the most amazing community I could ever hope to be a part of. It means the world to me. We would not be able to do any of this without your support. All 2020 passes, including Camp EDC & shuttles, will be honored for the new 2021 dates & will automatically transfer over. For those who would like a refund, go to Because some of you won’t be able to make the rescheduled dates, any tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2021 that become available will go back on sale Thursday, August 6 at 10am PT. Insomniac has been built on never giving up. We’re already working hard on next year’s show & we’ll be back with more energy than ever for our 25 Year Celebration. Until then— Peace, Love, Stay Positive & I’ll See You Under the Electric Sky!💜✨

A post shared by Pasquale Rotella (@pasqualerotella) on

California EDM – 2021年加州最佳EDM音乐节

音乐节。 也许是一生中可以经历的最有趣,最激动人心的事件之一。 这些音乐节已成为我们社会和文化不可或缺的一部分,使我们有机会在一个地方观看我们喜爱的DJ和表演者。 音乐节使我和许多其他人有机会看到我们通常不会见到的DJ,因为音乐节将他们带到了我们城镇附近。 今天,我们要庆祝这些节日并感谢他们,特别是加利福尼亚的节日。 无论是计划您的第一个卡利节日,还是希望在隔离结束后重新参加比赛,此列表都可以帮助您找到所需的内容。 话虽如此,让我们开始吧!

在寻找洛杉矶,旧金山,萨克拉曼多,圣地亚哥或其他城市中最热门的俱乐部吗? 查看即将发生的事件,直接在免费的Discotech Mobile App上注册来宾列表和预订餐桌服务。 或直接拨打4157356716与我们的帮助热线联系-我们可以帮助您为在加利福尼亚的第二天晚上找到一个地方!


您必须已经看到了这一步。 这个摩天轮,棕榈树吹捧的联合企业可能是整个加利福尼亚州最大的节日。 尽管Coachella并没有以其丰富而多样的EDM艺术家阵容而著称,但Coachella吸引了EDM中最大的明星。 场地非常壮观,吸引了来自世界各地的名人。 在超级名模和Instagram超级明星旁边聚会从未如此有趣。

Nocturnal Wonderland

许多人不知道,但是这个节日是美国举办时间最长的舞蹈音乐节,也是南加州的亮点。 从很多方面来说,对于那些从夏季巡回演唱会中走出来的艺术家来说,Nocturnal Wonderland是下一次尝试和尝试新音乐的机会。 每个人都来这里向他们最喜欢的EDM艺术家致敬,人群充满了超高的精力和乐趣。 以失眠症为动力的音乐节通常分为五个阶段,充满活力的灯光和色彩布置以及音乐直至午夜。


寻找终极的万圣节派对吗? 别再看了。 失眠症的恐怖主题音乐节是完美的万圣节活动。 以真正的失眠症形式,Escape: Psycho Circus是一种身临其境的体验。 音乐节以主题舞台,险恶的景象和大量的低音为特色,确保为那些敢于进入的人们留下持久的印象。

Lightning in a Bottle

很少有节日能体现加州中部的Lightning in a Bottle(LIB)的文化精神。 这个EDM电子音乐节的功能远不止您喜欢的EDM艺术家。 LIB提供互动艺术,瑜伽课和冥想研讨会。 LIB已成为加利福尼亚最流行,最不同的EDM音乐节之一。 场地是壮观和热情。 LIB团队也做了很多工作,以重新投资于其社区和文化,并在接下来的一年中设法建立了专门的团队。

Hard Summer

在发展初期,HARD Summer成为任何电子音乐迷的夏季盛宴。 从最大的头条新闻到引人注目的底牌,策展和品牌推广一直是强项。 2019年,HARD Summer打破了加利福尼亚丰塔纳历史上最大的音乐节纪录,有170,000人参加了该活动。 艰苦的夏天是一个令人难以置信的有趣的节日,任何EDM爱好者都必须参加。

Beyond Wonderland

失眠节与社区,氛围有关,并为客人提供可以买到的最好的音响系统。 人们认为Beyond Wonderland是卡利最好的EDM音乐节中最好的。 节日的幻想主题被其赞助者广泛接受,创造了一种让参与者时刻品尝美食的环境。 这种体验是无与伦比的,并且随着Nocturnal Wonderland的成功,Beyond Wonderland成为了一个姊妹品牌,它将把焦点重新带到使失眠症成名的梦幻环境中。

Countdown NYE

加利福尼亚很幸运有多个新年节日可供选择。 特别是,我们应该特别向Countdown NYE喊叫。 以地球外为主题的节日会毫不犹豫地带来沉重的击球手。 该音乐节吸引了EDM中的大人物,并举办了该州最好的除夕晚会之一。 当您想庆祝新的一年时,圣贝纳迪诺San Bernardino的Countdown已为您服务。


Insomniac的Dreamstate SoCal吸引了来自世界各地的fans迷-其中有很多。 从令人振奋的音乐到精神错乱的音乐,许多人忘记了that音乐是一把伞,它包含了许多不同的亚文化。 Dreamstate将焦点放在这些发呆子流派上,并从流行DJ的独特角度来探讨它们,而在其他地方则很少见。 该音乐节享誉全球,并由顽固的EDM粉丝庆祝。

Hard Day of the Dead

对于在万圣节和假日季节之间寻求节日礼物的节日狂欢者来说,HARD Day of Dead也许是您最好的选择。 这一天的活动将庞大的EDM艺术家和70,000多名粉丝聚集在一起,庆祝“ Dia de los Muertos”。 玩过的EDM没有重点,这对于那些希望使自己的经历多样化的人来说是一个奇妙的选择。

Northern Califonia

Outside Lands

Outside Lands Music Festival是旧金山最受欢迎的音乐节之一,以北加州最大的音乐节而闻名。 已建立的夏末景点吸引了众多EDM人才。 外面的土地感觉就像一个弹出式城市,其使命是展示海湾地区的精华。 除了播放顶级音乐外,Outside Lands还在扩展,包括专用的美食和美酒区,喜剧和播客帐篷以及更多其他内容。

The Untz Festival

Untz音乐节为自己的音乐节带来了各种各样的地下低音音乐,这些音乐都来到了加利福尼亚中部。 Untz在促进对隐藏人才的探索上已下注。 忠实于他们的声誉,阵容帮助他们的通话成为最佳蓝调音乐的蓝图。 如果您正在寻找新的和即将来临的艺术家/声音,这就是您想要的地方。


如果这个节日的名字还不够大的话,那星光熠熠的阵容一定会带动这一点。 Wobbleland体现了最好的dubstep,以及更广泛的沉重低音音乐。 新年刚过不久,寻找史诗般的时间的摇摇晃晃的人就不需要再走了。 这个节日让你蒙住了。


最后但绝对不是最不重要的是Snowglobe。 如果您想在假期里逃避加州的寒冷气候,则可以在SnowGlobe音乐节上预订那些新年计划。 冬季节日的受欢迎程度迅速增加,而SnowGlobe对太浩湖滑雪板和滑雪的关注已成为这一流行趋势的一个促成因素。 该活动平均有10,000名参加者,给人一种舒适的感觉,同时在主舞台上吸引与节日相称的表演。

The Best EDM Festivals in California 2021

Music festivals. Perhaps one of the most fun and exciting events one can experience in their lifetime. These music festivals have become an intergral part of our society and culture. They provide us an opportunity to see our favorite DJs and performers all in one place. Music festivals have given me and many others the chance to see DJs that we normally wouldn’t, because a festival brought them close to our town. Today we’d like to celebrate these festivals and thank them, specifically the ones in California. Whether planning your first Cali festival or looking for a new one, this list should help you find what you’re looking for. With that being said, let’s get to it!

Looking for the hottest clubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego or another city? See upcoming events, sign up for guest lists in Los Angeles and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 415-735-6716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in California!

Coachella (Indio) – April

This music festival is perhaps the most famous California music festival. Although not known for having a deep and diverse cast of EDM artists in their line up, Coachella attracts the biggest stars in EDM. The venue is spectacular and attracts celebrities from all over. Partying next to supermodels and famous instagramers has never been so much fun.

Nocturnal Wonderland (San Bernadino) – September

Nocturnal Wonderland. Many don’t know, but this festival is America’s longest-running dance music festival and a Southern California highlight. In many ways, for artists coming off of the summer tour circuit, Nocturnal Wonderland represents the next chance to test and try out new music. The crowd is super high energy and fun as everyone comes here to pay tribute to their favorite EDM artists. The Insomniac-powered festival typically features five stages, a vibrant setting full of lights and color, and music until midnight.

Escape Psycho Circus (San Bernadino) – Halloween

Looking for the best Halloween party? Look no further. Insomniac’s horror-themed music festival is the perfect Halloween event. In true Insomniac fashion, Escape: Psycho Circus is an immersive experience. The festival features themed stages, sinister sights, and a heavy dose of bass are ensure a lasting impression on those who dare enter.

Lightning in a Bottle (Buena Vista Lake) – May

Few festivals embody the cultural spirit of central California’s Lightning In A Bottle (LIB). This EDM electronic festival features much more then your favorite EDM artsits. LIB offers interactive art, yoga classes, and meditation workshops. The LIB has become one of the most popular and different EDM festivals in California. The venue is spectacular and welcoming. The LIB team have also done a lot to reinvest back into their community and culture, managing to build up a dedicated following year after year.

Hard Summer (San Bernadino) – August

In its formative years HARD Summer became a peak summer draw for any electronic music fan. From the biggest headliners to attention-grabbing undercards, curation and branding have been consistent strong suits. In 2019 Hard Summer broke the record for biggest festival in Fontana, California history, as 170,000 people attended the event. Hard Summer is a unbelievablly fun festival that is a must attend for any EDM fan.

Beyond Wonderland (San Bernadino) – March

Insomniac festivals are all about community, atmosphere and providing their guests with the best soundsystem money can buy. Beyond Wonderland is argued to be the best of the best of EDM festivals in Cali. The fantasy theme of the festival is widely embraced by its patrons creating a setting that keeps attendees savoring every moment. The experience is unrivaled and with the success of Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland became a sister-brand that would bring the focus back toward the fantastical environments that brought Insomniac its fame.

Countdown NYE (San Bernadino) – New Years Eve

California is truly fortunate to have multiple New Year’s festivals to choose from. In particular, we should give Countdown NYE a special look. The extraterrestrial-themed festival does not hesitate to bring the heavy hitters. The festival attracts the biggest names in EDM and hosts one of the best New Years Eve parties in the state. When looking to celebrate the new year, Countdown in San Bernardino has you covered.

Dreamstate Socal (San Bernadino) – November

Insomniac’s Dreamstate SoCal calls to trance fans from all over the world – and there are a lot of them. From uplifting to psytrance, many forget that trance music is an umbrella that includes numerous different subcultures. Dreamstate puts the spotlight on these trance subgenres and explores them from the unique perspectives of popular DJs that are not often seen elsewhere. The festival is world reknowned and celebrated by die-hard EDM fans.

Hard Day of the Dead (San Bernadino) – November

For festival goers seeking something in between Halloween and the holiday season, HARD Day of the Dead is perhaps your best bet. This one day event brings huge EDM artists and upwards of 70,000 fans together to celebrate “Dia de los Muertos.” The EDM played has no focus, which is fantastic for those looking to diversify their experience.

Groove Island (Catalina Island) – October

Unlike Fyre Festival, Whet Travel, the company behind Groove Island, has over a decade of experience organizing some of the most successful dance music cruises and island parties, all 43 of which gone off with hardly a hitch. Rather than attempting to build an entire islands worth of infrastructure and accommodations, Groove Island tapped into the already robust local economy of the city of Avalon. The local community was incredibly warm and welcoming, and the food and accommodations were excellent, to say the least.

“It’s a fully immersive experience on Catalina… We rented the majority of the hotels, A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌s, part of the campground, the [Descanso] Beach Club, the casino, the country club, plus ferries, helicopters, yachts and so forth to get people on the island,” said Jason Beukema, the founder of Groove Island.

As guests arrived on the island by way of the Catalina Ferry, they were greeted with a view of the beautiful Avalon Bay and the city of Avalon – what would become their own personal paradise for the next three days. A popular tourist destination for well over a century, Avalon is home to a top-notch assortment of restaurants, beaches, spas, land and ocean adventures, as well as a whole slew of awesome recreational activities. Some of the most exciting opportunities (aside from the music, of course) included an escape room with Sam Feldt, soccer with Mark Knight, a zipline course with Dillon Nathaniel, and an ocean snorkeling adventure with Chus & Ceballos.

CRSSD (San Diego) – March, September

CRSSD is a 2-Day Festival in downtown San Diego, and happens TWICE a year! They’ve always got a star-studded line-up across three stages, in a beautiful venue, and dozens of after-hours events to choose from after the festival ends. I’ve been once myself, and had an unbelievably fun time! It’s one of the best music festivals in San Diego, and shouldn’t be missed if you’re heading to southern-California when it’s going down!

Splash House (Palm Springs) – June & August (2 weekends)

Splash House is what you get when you mix up fun-loving people, with some rocking LA pool parties, and an escape to sunny Palm Springs, California. It’s a little slice of paradise where friendships are forged as people dance to the best in house, disco, and electronica.

Splash House takes place across three hotel resorts in both June and August. Buy a ticket and you get admission to all three, plus shuttles running between all weekend. Buy a hotel package and you can enjoy a room just steps away from the stage in addition to access to all three resorts.

By night, we take flight at the Palm Springs Air Museum for our After Hours program – a pair of open air parties back-dropped by vintage aircraft and a glowing airport tarmac. After Hours admission is sold separately and may be purchased with or without a Splash House ticket.”

Northern Califonia

Outside Lands (San Francisco) August

Outside Lands Music Festival is one of the most popular music festivals featured in San Francisco and is known for being Northern California’s largest music festival. The established late summer attraction draws a diverse mix of EDM talent. Outside Lands feels like a pop-up city with a mission to showcase the best of the Bay Area. In addition to the top-tier music played, Outside Lands has expanded, including a dedicated food and wine area, a comedy and podcast tent as well as much, much more.

The Untz Festival (Brown Valley) October

The Untz festival brings a diverse offering of underground bass music to central California for their very own music festival. The Untz have staked their ground in promoting the exploration of hidden talent. True to their reputation, lineups have helped their calling serving as blueprints for the best in up and coming bass music. If you’re looking for new and upcoming artists/sounds this is the place you want to be.

Snowglobe (Tahoe) – New Year’s Eve

Last but definitely not least on our list is Snowglobe. If you’re looking to escape to California’s colder climate for the holidays, you may want to book those New Year’s plans at the SnowGlobe Music Festival. Winter festivals have been growing quickly in popularity, and SnowGlobe’s focus on Lake Tahoe’s snowboarding and skiing have been a contributing factor to this popular trend. With an average of 10,000 attendees, the event has a cozier feel while simultaneously drawing in the main stage acts consistent with festivals much bigger.

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