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Booking Bottle Service at Omnia

Looking for the hottest clubs in Las Vegas? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Las Vegas. One of […]

Best Rooftop Clubs in Las Vegas

Today we’re off to Las Vegas. As summer officially ends, the transition from pool parties to highrise rooftop parties has begun. We’re off to look at some of the best rooftop bars/clubs in Sin City, so get ready for some unreal skyline views of Las Vegas. Here we go! Looking for the hottest clubs in […]

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Washington D.C.

Today, we’re heading off to Washington DC. Home of acclaimed national monuments, museums, performing-arts venues and now political drama. In America, no place perhaps needs more of an outlet for relaxation then here. Partying and good times are need more than ever for those wrapped up in the political stress that weighs down on the […]

Best EDM Clubs in Sacramento

Sacramento. The beautiful capital of California located 384 miles from LA has been creating some noise in the EDM nightlife scene. Home to half a million people, Sacramento nightlife hopes to grow quickly to support the cries from their citizens, demanding bigger and better venues to party at. These clubs have seemingly answered these calls. […]

Best EDM Clubs in Brooklyn

Today, we’re off to Brookyln, New York, now home to Kevin Durrant and Kyrie Irving. But we’re not here to talk about basketball. Unknown to many, Brooklyn has transformed into a hub made up of EDM creators and clubs. Today, we want to pay special attention to these venues who day by day become more […]

Best EDM Clubs in Atlantic City

Atlantic City, the beautiful resort metropolis known for its extravagant nightlife, boardwalk, great beaches and casinos, is been one of the most popular spots for tourists on the east coast. But after a day of lounging on the beach and trying your luck at the casino, you’re now ready to go out and party. So […]

Best EDM clubs in Vancouver, Canada

Today we’re taking a trip up north. Way up north. All the way to our lovely neighboring Canadian nation. As promised, we are going to look at some of the hottest EDM spots in the great city of Vancouver. Grab some warm clothes and lets get going! Looking for the hottest clubs in Vancouver? See […]

Best EDM clubs in Denver, Colorado

Today we’re off to Denver and no, we’re not going to discuess the fact that Denver is the city known for creating the cheeseburger or the fact that Denver brews more beer then any other city in the US, which is totally awesome. No, today we dive headfirst into the growing EDM scene that has […]

Best EDM Clubs in Montreal, Canada

Wondering what the best Electronic Dance clubs are in Montreal, Canada? Look no further. This is not a ranking, but a compilation of what we found to be the hottest spots who earned their spot on this list by excelling at putting on the biggest shows, hosting huge underground events, and all while maintaining a […]