Best Weeknight Club Events in LA

Looking to go out on weeknights in the City of Angels? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve all been there before. It’s a weeknight and LA and you don’t want to wait for the weekend to go out. All that’s on your mind is dancing your ass off with your best friends. Those are the nights we remember the best anyway, right? Or is it the opposite, since we’re so sloshed that we don’t recollect too much? Beats me.

Our newest article chronicles the journey of the weeknight alcoholic, where partying solely on the weekends isn’t enough for you. Here’s our breakdown of the best nightclubs to venture to on weeknights, voted on by the Discotech team:


Hold up one second. Yes, I know I said we’d give you the best clubs for every weeknight. But let’s pump the brakes a little. Clubbing on Monday nights should never be a thing, even for the Hollywood folks with odd work schedules. You have Sunday and the rest of the week for that. Monday should be your catch up day…get some exercise at the gym or catch the sunset during your Runyon Canyon hike. Treat yourself to a good meal and reflect on the weekend. And if you still crave the alcohol and drunk camaraderie, hit up any of the bars in your area. Happy hour is your friend, don’t forget that.

Tuesdays – 1 OAK

1 OAK Tuesdays wins this year’s battle for Discotech’s Best Tuesday Nightclub in LA. Known as one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the city, 1 OAK fully lives up to its name (1 Of A Kind). Featuring an astounding dance floor with resident DJs spinning the hottest tracks in America, this venue will blow your mind. Come on a Tuesday to dodge the massive crowds and enjoy the ambience that makes 1 OAK a perennial favorite.

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Other solid Tuesday night choices:

Wednesday – Warwick

The best party in all of Los Angeles on Wednesdays is @ Warwick in Hollywood. Known for its celebrity sightings, sleek interior design, and intimate vibe, Warwick brings a consistently mesmerizing atmosphere to the Hollywood nightlife scene. In addition, the club changes up its decor and theme every 6 months or so, keeping the vibe fresh for its patrons. Head on over to explore the rough, indie feel, of this hip nightclub and indulge in seasonal craft cocktails made with the highest quality booze and ingredients.

Since it is small and highly upscale, Warwick is a bottle service only club. However, it is a must-try for any LA partygoers looking to experience one of the top events in the city. Check out Warwick bottle service pricing, floor plan, bottle menu, and booking options!

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Other solid Wednesday night choices:

Warwick Wednesdays should be your only Wednesday night choice.

Thursdays – Hyde Sunset

Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood is on par with Warwick in Hollywood. Think upscale, classy vibes and celebrity sightings. Another bottle service-only venue, Hyde boasts an uber-sleek and intimate feel that caters to your utmost desires. If you don’t want to spend money on bottles, we’ve got a lesser-known trick for you: place a dinner reservation at the restaurant and arrive around 9pm. Once you have a delectable meal there, cool off with some fancy cocktails and wait until 11pm when the club opens up. You’ll be able to walk right in and environ yourself in the lush atmosphere that is Hyde Sunset.

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Other solid Thursday night choices:

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