Verso is located at 1525 Mission Street

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM on Fri & Sat

How much is table service at Verso?

Main room tables start at around 5k. You can get a back table in the main room for 2-3k depending on talent. Minimums in the Boom Box room can be as low as $500, which can be a very economical choice. Outdoor tables are significantly cheaper, but you’ll be much further from the action. But on busy nights it’s worth it to get the table just so you have a home base and you can get the extra stamp to go in and out. With cocktails and drinks at $15-20 apiece, and factoring in a $50-60 ticket, it actually is not that much more to just go with bottle service, assuming you have a big enough group to split it with. Table prices depend on the night – on some nights we might have bottle specials. Contact us below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Which is the best table at Verso?

Dance floor / main room tables are prime real estate, but they don’t come cheap. On nights with top tier talent, dance floor tables can run you 7-8k min before tax and tip. Get ready to ride the Dom train! Mainroom tables are obviously prime real estate, with access to the headliner. However, you can also get table service on the patio (which actually works well for big parties) as well as  Marquee’s two other rooms – the Boom Box Room and the Library. The Boom Box room typically plays hiphop music, and the Library is more of a lounge, with even includes a pool table. Getting table service in any location gives you full access to the entire club.

Verso Table Floor Plan

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