The Skyline Festival will be held at the Exposition Park in downtown Los Angeles.

Nights Open

February 25th & 26th, 2023

Where I can buy tickets to Skyline Festival 2023?

You can view ticket options and purchase tickets on the Skyline Festival event calendar.

How much do Skyline Festival tickets cost?

The price of tickets is going to range between $99 and $259 depending on which option you choose.

What are the ticket options for the Skyline Los Angeles event?

Can I get in and out of Skyline Festival with my ticket?

No, re-entry will not be allowed. You can only scan your ticket once.

Are one day Skyline Festival passes available?

Yes. You can purchase general admission or VIP one day passes to Skyline Festival on the Discotech app.

How many tickets can I buy to Skyline Festival 2023 in LA?

There is a 4 person limit when buying tickets to the 2023 Skyline Festival.

Can I buy VIP tickets if I’m under 21?

No! Skyline Festival in Los Angeles is a 21+ event. You will need a valid ID to enter the venue along with your ticket.

How can I avoid ticket fraud?

The best thing you can do is purchase the tickets online through a credible source if you want to avoid ticket fraud.

Are tickets for Skyline Festival sold out?

Skyline Festival may sell out of tickets before the event, so be sure you order tickets early on the Discotech app.

Have any question?

You can learn more about the Skyline Festival here.