Apt 503 is located at 3680 Wilshire Blvd #503

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM Fri, Sat

Where can I buy tickets to Apt 503?

You can find an event and purchase your tickets here.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices for most nights are going to be around $10. This may vary during special events or holidays.

Are tickets available for every event?

Apt 503 does not sell presale tickets to some events. An easy way to find out is to take a look at the event calendar or check out the Discotech App to see if tickets are up for sale. Special events such as Halloween or NYE will almost certainly have tickets, so make sure to get yours before they are all gone.

Apt 503 Promo Code

Use the promo code DISCO for up to 50% off the cost of tickets.

When is Apt 503 open?

Apt 503 is open from 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

So what is Discotech?

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